About me

Hey, I'm Sayo. I'm a 20-year-old mentally ill transmasc who's the webmaster at this place.

I learned HTML and CSS when I was in high school, and I had a lot of fun making my own blogs, but I stopped after finishing high school a year early.

I recently started getting back into it by creating my own website on Neocities. Although I kept switching what I wanted, I ended up challenging myself with this one and sticking to a theme, which is my favorite game series persona!

My interests!!

Hyperfixations Skelanimals, Norman Reedus, persona series, pompompurin

Music Planning for burial, My chemical roamnce, Ice nine kills, Deftones, Bring me the horizon, The cure, Duran Duran, Korn, Crystal Castles, Hollywood Undead

Games Death stranding, The evil within, Cyberpunk 2077, Silent hill, Dead space, L4D2, DBD, Apex, persona

Television Dungeon meshi , Ride with Norman Reedus, 9-1-1, 9-1-1: lone star, Supernatural, Stranger things, the walking dead

Movies American physcho!, Constantine, Pacific rim, Matrix, Doctor strange, Ironman

Characters who are just like me fr

ive been told that these are kins


bro is litarlly me, we got the same name, hair, glasses, and we both wear black

Daryl Dixion

we both got trauma and we both slowly get attched to people, then they're gone before we know it :']

Johnny Silverhand

we're both very self distructive, self hating, delusional and depressive ppl

Patrick Bateman

we both gotta put on a persona to fit in, we both struggle with the feeling of isolation and the struggles of trying to control our inner rage

My favorite characters
James Sunderland Yosuke Hanamura Laios dungeon

Some of my playlists !!

Made this playlist to share some new music with my cousin. Its just a bunch of random genre of song put into a playlist, I had no theme in mind only that some might not listen to it as much.

Playlist based on my oc, Takeshi !!

Friend asked me to make a playlist for him to listen to while working long ass shifts

uh description basically tells u what the playlist is about lol

Idk what to do here yet lol